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Sex Education Season 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far?

Well, as all the people who love the show, Sex Education must be well aware of the fact that because of its very nature, it requires the cast members to come really close and have intimate contact. Thus, there was a time when filming when the pandemic is still very alive, looked almost impossible. Today we’ll be talking about Sex Education season 3 production and upcoming release date.

But then thankfully, according to the new security guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spread of the fatal Virus, the process of production started back in September. It is actually five months after the process was initially planned but then, better late than never. The filming bubble was set up in shooting locations in Wales. It was through Twitter that the fans came to know about the start of production. We had Netflix, the streaming giant, posting a picture of one of the title pages of episode one which was covered with doodles. Since that point in time, we are finding a lot more about what might actually be in store for the students of Moordale.

Sex Education: A Still

Sex Education season 3 Release Date?

The most exciting update on the details about Sex Education season 3 is that the news media platforms might already know the identity of the new headteacher at the school. It is Jemina Kirke from Girls who plays the role of Mr. Groff’s replacement. Another high cast addition to the series includes actor Jason Isaacs from the cast of Harry Potter as well as Star: Trek Discovery.

Such sorts of castings are going to be great news for all the swathes of devotes followers that this iconic series has picked up since its debut in 2019. Although, the thing that they will really care about is the latest developments in the awkward romance between Otis Milburn as well as the cool-girl Maeve.

Sex Education season 3 ― Release Date and Plot Details!

For proof of the popularity of this couple, we need to look no further than just how furious tye fans were when their relationship was put in danger at the conclusion of the second season. It was just when Isaac showed his selfish face just to have a go and have Maeve to himself. No wonder why the audience is so anticipated to know what lies next in the show. Also, you guys should know that Netflix has already provided Sex Education season 3 a green light to create a further batch of episodes. It was done back in February itself.

Well, the Sex Education season 3 release date has not been revealed yet. But if we go on and try to predict one by following the previous pattern, then Sex Education season 3 should be out by January of 2021. But as you guys know that the Corona Virus has rocked our worlds, it really is not sure when a season 3 might drop out. It remains on the will of Netflix right now.

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