The Witcher season 2: Release Date and Plot on Netflix

The Witcher season 2 is now everything that the fans could talk about. All this while, Henry Cavill is once again ruling over that magnificent white wig in order to portray Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher can even be regarded as the eponymous show on Netflix, the streaming giant. Well, as for the release date of the series, it was meant for an early debut on Netflix.

But then we all know how the Corona Virus rocked our worlds and season 2 of The Witcher faced significant delays because of the pandemic created by the same reasons. To keep in mind, this was exactly the case with many major productions. Thus, the whole industry of entertainment had to stop for a span of 3 to 4 months. But now, processes have started again from September with cinemas opening in the United States in August.

The Witcher: A Still

Well, also to add some spice to the Halloween festival for a million people out there, Netflix has now dropped a very brief first look at what is set to come our way. They have hidden everything in a montage of creature encounters from the first season. The video clip is set to the unmistakable tune of Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett. And thus, all the fans should keep an eye out around the 15-second mark. Then again, in 31 seconds or even in two blinks and you will find all these clips.

The whole show has been adopted from the Witcher novels penned down by Andrzej Sapchowski, which has also inspired a hugely popular variety of video games. The show throws the entire spotlight on a solitary monster hunter whose name is Geralt of Rivia. Over the course of The Witcher season 1, the main character has found himself slowly pulled towards a powerful sorceress as well as a princess who has a dangerous secret. They cross paths in the finale, which acts as a way for The Witcher season 2 to take place.

The Witcher: A Still

As per the disclosures about The Witcher season 2, it does not have a specific release date until 2021. It is because of the logistical challenges that have been created by the virus. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is the showrunner of The Witcher, has confirmed during a Reddit AMA timeframe. She said that they do not know a target for the release date for the second season after 2021, while they also do not want to rush the product because this factor does not benefit anyone.

Filming stopped for five months between March and August, which means a lot has to be done by the creators. But right now, work has picked up the pace and is moving along smoothly. Also, we have seen how popular The Witcher is on Netflix, and thus, it is highly unlikely that the creators will have a bigger break between the first and the second seasons of the show.

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