Call Of Duty: Cold War Beta

Call Of Duty: Cold War Beta Release Date And Everything You Need To Know About It

Call Of Duty Cold War ha been revealed by Activision and it generated a lot of attention for the game. Many details for the game have been unveiled by the developers and the game looks really amazing and fun. The graphics are great and the story of the game is very intriguing. The Multiplayer for the game has also been shown but not on that scale as the campaign was revealed. Open Beta for the game will available for the players but there is a catch.

The game is set to release in November of this year and in that month many amazing games are coming one of which is Cyberpunk 2077 that is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. It will be pretty interesting to see which game will come at the top in terms of sales and popularity. Call Of Duty Cold War will be releasing on 12 November but before its release, there will be a testing phase for the game but it hasn’t been revealed when it will be coming.

Call Of Duty: Cold War

All of the platforms might get different access date to it. There is the first Cold War Open Beta and a Black Ops Early Access Weekend. PS4 users are very lucky s they will be receiving early access to open beta but it will only happen when they buy the digital pre-order. In a statement, Sony said, “Ready up for signature Black Ops combat and stay tuned for more details and dates of the Black Ops Cold War Open Beta.” This means those who pre-order the game will get two chances to play the Cold War in the coming months.

Furthermore, Activision revealed that the open beta will be available on PlayStation 4, five days before any other platforms which are a huge thing. Because of this, players should expect an announcement about the schedule of these beta in the coming weeks for PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers. But this pre-order will have some limitations, Activision said in a message that “Physical pre-orders are not entitled to any bonus content (Early Access Open Beta, Woods Operator Pack, and Confrontation Weapons Pack) that comes with digital pre-orders. Consult the Activision FAQ for more details on physical editions.”

They further added, “Pre-order digital now to secure early access to the open beta, first on PS4, and drop into Warzone with Sgt. Frank Woods to familiarize yourself with Black Ops past.” One of the best news that this announcement bought was that the new Call Of Duty will support cross-platform and cross-generation play. This means that you will be able to okay with your friends without any worries of them been on a different console. Upon the release of the next generation of consoles, players will be bake to movie their profile, progression, and stats to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. On 9th September we will get a look at the game multiplayer and on that same day fans will get news on when the beta will be starting.

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