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What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer’s Deaf Victim, Tony Hughes?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer's Deaf Victim, Tony Hughes?

Netflix’s most loved crime series of 2022, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story, has drawn the attention of the whole world towards the most notorious serial killer In the USA.

The entire series chronicles the tale of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims and how each of them was murdered. Tony Hughes was one of the 17 boys and men whom Jeffrey Dahmer killed in this tragic account of his victims. What actually happened to him, and what does the storyline imply?

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jefferey Dahmer, the killer of 17 boys and men, was a sex offender who performed cannibalism and necrophilism on his victims. He was also got diagnosed with mental health issues such as personality disorders. Even though his mental health was disturbed, he was found sane in court and then got a sentence of life imprisonment.

Dahmer has always had an odd fascination with dead animals. As a boy, he used to like the sounds of their bones and was particularly curious about where their bones are located in the body. This might have been one of the causes for Jeffrey to engage in cannibalism later on.

Real Jefferey Dahmer

Real Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer, when he discovered that he was gay, had fantasies of having a male submissive that he could dominate, and this could be another reason that Dahmer only had male victims. As Jefferey said, He was obsessed with his victims, and he always wanted to keep them with him, and when they didn’t listen to him, he murdered them.

Two weeks after graduation, Jefferey attempted his first murder in the year 1975. He lured the hitchhiker to his house, drank alcohol with him, enjoyed it, and when he wanted to leave, Jefferey killed him.

After his first murder, Jeffrey Dahmer killed several men and had done several atrocities against them. Netflix crime series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer is based on the stories of his victims and depicts how heinously he performed all of his crimes.

Tony Hughes was one of his victims. The naïve, innocent aspiring model who got trapped in Jeffrey’s love and made the mistake of going home with him.

Tony Hughes: One of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer

Tony Hughes is one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. He was deaf and could not speak. Tony Hughes was an aspiring model, and he was gay. As per the FBI records, Hughes was born in 1959, and since childhood, he could not speak or listen. He got killed at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991.

When Tony visited a gay pub in 1991, he encountered Dahmer there while having a good time. He typically interacted with people using a notepad because he was unable to speak or listen. He was having trouble in his modeling profession yet wanted to be a model. He experienced many rejections in life because he was deaf and black, but he didn’t back down because he wanted to show the world that someone like him could succeed as a model.

Tony learned that his friend Rico had passed away a few days prior to meeting Dahmer, which saddened him. The next day, he left his house to pursue his career and search for fresh chances that would allow him to support himself financially and become independent. After searching, he found work, and later that night, he met Jeffrey.

Jeffrey and Tony met in the gay bar, and tony interacted with him with the help of a notepad and let Jeffrey know that he was deaf. The two of them introduced each other, talked for a while, danced, and enjoyed that night. Later, Jeffrey confessed to Tony that he liked him and asked him to go home with him.

Real Tony Hughes

Real Tony Hughes

The series also depicts that tony and Jeffrey not only met once, but they met 2-3 times before Jeffrey attempted to kill him. The series also depicts the bond Jeffery creates with Tony, and he has a different connection with Tony that he does not have with his other victims, as he mentions Tony to his parents.

Finally, after several meetings with Tony, Jeffrey attempted his move and successfully lured Tony to his house. They tried playing a game made by Jefferey but later made out. The following day, Tony left the house, and when he came back home, Jeffrey supposedly attacked him in the night, and his whole family searched for him for several days.

After some days, Hughes’ body was found, which was dismembered. FBI could identify him through his dental records and his skull. Tony was innocent, and his mother claimed he was friendly. So he met Jefferey in that way and became the 12th victim of Jefferey Dahmer.

Despite being deaf, Tony was ambitious in his job and had the potential to become a successful model. Unfortunately, he was no longer able to fulfill his dream. The sixth episode of the Netflix series Dahmer, which featured Tony Hughes, was the most upsetting since it was the episode that hurt viewers the most.


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