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Who Is Brittany Higgins’ Partner?

Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrmann
Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrmann ( Credit : The Canberra Times)

The most controversial personality in Australia since 2019, Brittany Higgins, the former political advisor, came into the picture when she allegedly announced that she was raped in the Australian Parliament. Since then, Brittany Higgin’s case has become the most sensitive case of 2021 -22.

Since that day, Brittany became a well-known personality, and people started getting curious about how her loved ones reacted to the incident. While everyone is wondering who is Brittany Higgins’ current partner and how he reacted to the allegations she made, here is a brief overview of the whole scenario.

Brittany Higgins – 2019 Case:

23rd March 2019 was the day on which Brittany Higgins was allegedly raped by Bruce Lehrmann in the Australian government office. On that day, all of the government staff with Brittany met at the bar after work for a few drinks. They drank beer, ate pizza, and enjoyed it for a while until it was time for Brittany to get home.

Brittany, with Bruce Lehrmann, got into the car, and Bruce promised to take her home, but for some reason, both of them stopped at the parliament building at night. According to Brittany, she was fully drunk and almost faded to sleep in the parliament office. In the early morning, when she was a bit conscious, she found Bruce Lernmann raping her, she tried denying him, but she could not stop him.

Brittany Higgins Case 2022

Brittany Higgins walking into the court ( Credit: ABC News Australia)

When she got to know that she was raped, she ran home and cried all weekend. Later on, she decided to file a complaint against Bruce, and she did. But because of the fear of loss of her career, she decided to take back the complaint. Until 2021 there was no mention from her about the incident, but all of a sudden, she reopened the case, which is now under trial.

Brittany also mentioned the times when Bruce tried to kiss her, and she denied him for the same. Brittany said she was trapped in the Australian Parliament and could not believe that something like this could happen to her. While Brittany was accusing Bruce, Bruce denied all allegations she made, saying they never even had sex.

Since the court still has to deliver its decision on the same, it needs strong evidence to prove Bruce guilty. Also, even if both of them may have had sex, Brittany was not in a condition to give consent for the same as she was drunk. It makes Brittany’s side strong in the court of law.

Who is Brittany Higgins’s Partner?

Brittany Higgins’ current partner, Mr. David Sharaz, has also helped her through tough times. Brittany decided to close the case because she was scared that she would lose her job, but when Brittany reopened the case, it impacted both Brittany’s and Mr. Sharaz’s careers. Mr. Sharaz tweeted that he was sad as well as angry that he and Brittany have lost their jobs now and are forced to leave Canberra, the reason being Brittany reopened the case.

Brittany Higgins and her partner

Brittany Higgins and her partner

Mr. David Sharaz left no chance to support Brittany throughout this case. Even his Twitter page mentions the hashtag #IStandWithBrittanyHiggins. He left his job for Brittany and left Canberra to support his girlfriend in Queensland. He also mentioned that he would support her throughout this case and help her get justice and many other women like her suffering the trauma of rape.

Even though Brittany and David are unemployed now, their bond makes them mentally stronger to fight this case and get justice, and even though we don’t know about the results of the case yet, it is good to know that Brittany’s partner is supporting her in this crucial part of her life.

Brittany – Lehrmann case – Current Status:

On 23rd March 2019, as alleged by Brittany Higgins, she got raped by Bruce Lehrmann. Because of the fear of losing the job, she closed the case in 2019 only, but she reopened the same in 2021, and she and her partner both resigned from the job.

Bruce Lehrmann

Bruce Lehrmann : Huggins – Lehrmann case 2019 (Credit: ABC News Australia)

Now the case is under trial, and the decision is still to be made by the court of law. The trial is in its second week now and is expected to last for the next for weeks. On the sixth day of the trial, which happened on 10th October 2022, Brittany did not show up for the cross-examination.

The trial was still held, but her cross-examination resumed till she got back to the court. While no one knows what will be the end result of the case, let us hope that the court will make a true and fair judgment.




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