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More PlayStation Exclusive Games Might Be Coming PC, Says Sony To Its User Base

PlayStation Exclusives

Exclusive game titles isn’t a new thing as it has been in the gaming industry for quite a long time. Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo have done these things in order to make their consoles appealing to the public. Games like God of War, Halo, and Zelda are some of the games that are amazing and loved by the gaming community. During the last few years, Xbox became the first amongst these three big companies that their exclusive games were available on PC.

Sony became the second company to release its exclusive games to PC which was the most unexpected thing. The first game to get ported to PC was Detroit Become Human which is a game developed by Quantic Dream which was a very well-received game. It revolves around three androids: Kara who escaped the owner who she was serving her owner and protect a young girl. Connor, whose job is to track down sentient androids, and lastly Markus whose goal is to releasing other androids from their slavery.

PlayStation Game PC

Death Stranding (Credits: Kojima Production)

The second been Death Stranding which was produced by Kojima Production which as yet another massively successful game. Last but not least Horizon Zero Dawn and many thought this will be the last PlayStation exclusive game to coming to PC but Sony recently said that they will be bringing many more first-party titles to PC which was very surprising news for many.

In the Sony corporate report, it was stated, “We will explore expanding our first-party titles to the PC platform in order to promote further growth in our profitability.” In simpler terms, release games on PC will make Sony more money. As said previously that there were other games that released there like Detroit Become Human and many more but those weren’t developed by PlayStation’s first-party studios. There are a lot of games which can be released on PC and it would truly make them a lot of money.

This could apply to games that are four or five years old and they can sell them on PC at full price. The question now remains would game like God of War which could come to PC because those are old games as well and are some of the best games of their time. It would be a very smart move for Sony but we have to wait to see how that will work. But one thing is for sure that the newer games won’t get ported to PC. Because with the launch of the PlayStation 5 drawing near and Sony will need ever recently launched game for the console so that its lineup of games will be as good or better than Xbox.

The previous two games that launched on PC were graphical and overall great and there wasn’t any major bugs or issue. But the Horizon game was released in very bad shape with issues line performance hiccups that messed with the framerate and certain graphical settings not functioning at all. Hopefully, that won’t be the case for all of the PS exclusive games that will get released on PC. In the coming, we might get some new information on that and this is a very good move by Sony.

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