Petition To Bring Johnny Depp As Jack Sparrow Resurfaces

As of right now, a petition to give actor Johnny Depp one of his old roles back has come into the spotlight. Well,, it is exactly not what you think it is. You guys should know that a petition on is advocating for Disney. The people are trying to convince the company to give the actor his part back. Obviously, everyone wants to see Johnny Depp and ONLY Johnny Depp in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. This character exists in the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Riza Siddiqui is responsible for starting this petition. Two years ago, she wrote that Disney is rebooting Dead Men Tell No Lies because of its box office. She continued by asking if Disney knows or not that without Johnny Depp or him being Jack Sparrow, the creators will sink and never be able to reach the horizon they are seeking. At this point in time, the petition currently has close to 290,000 signatories.

A picture of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Petition to bring Johnny Depp becomes popular after two years again!

You guys should know that Disney has actually rebooted the film sequel. But the different thing is, they are trying to make this tale female-led. This means that they will star actress Margot Robbe from Birds of Prey. The forthcoming film will be penned down by Christina Hodson. Christina is the film scribe of DC films. Details about the plot have been kept under wraps by the creators. But there surely are some reports which reveal that the film is set to launch a new franchise. It will be based on the theme park ride present in Disney. Also, The House of Mouse secretly has another Pirates film in the work. Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, and Ted Elliott, the franchise vet, are working on this project.

This petition resurfaces on the social media platforms again after two years. It is at the point in time when Depp has lost his role of Gellert Grindelwald. This character is set in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Another actor, that is, Mads Mikkelsen is in talks right now to take over the role of Depp. Mads has previously been spotted in Doctor Strange. Depp has given his appearance in both, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Here is what Johnny Depp says about quitting his role of Grindelwald!

Johnny Depp left the cast of the film just last week. It was when Warner Brothers personally asked him to step down from the character. The actor wrote on his Instagram that in light of recent events, he would like to make a short statement. First, he went on to thank everyone who has gifted him their support as well as loyalty. He says he has been humbled and moved by our many messages of love along with concern that has come his way over the past few days. Secondly, Johnny wanted us to know that he has been asked to resign by Warner Brothers from his role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts. He says he has respected and thus, agreed to that request.

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