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Valorant Game Update 1.07 Brings Changes To Sage, Killjoy, And Many Other Changes

Valorant 1.07
Valorant (Credits: Riot Games)

Valorant is a first-person shooter released in 2020 and is developed and published by Riot Games which are known for their game called League of Legends. The game was first called Project A and later as time passes it was later called Valorant. In its close beta, the game was only given to big streamers that showcased its gameplay and many other details. Upon its release, the game was met with positive reviews and the audience also loved it.

The gameplay of Valorant is a combination of CSGO’s gunplay and the abilities from Overwatch. But the game is still gun for those that are competitive and each and every player in this game is insanely good. It makes the most enjoyable to a competitive player but it isn’t for those that want to have fun. Recently, the game got a major patch that nerfed Sage and Killjoy. Some guns are also getting nerfed on the other hand some are getting buffed.

Valorant new update

Valorant (Credits: Riot Games)

But amongst these Sage is getting nerfed heavily, first, her healing will only restore 60 instead of 100 over five seconds to teammates, and the self-heal will now heal 60 over ten. Her orb speed is going to be 30% slower, the barrier orb cost has been reduced buy it now has 400 HP and will take three seconds to reach its full strength at 800. As for the guns, Shorty is getting nerfed, now the 1st falloff range reduced from 9m to 7m, and the headshot multiplier have been reduced from 3x to 2x. The judge will now cost 1600 instead of 1500.

Vandal’s fire rate has been increased from 9.25 to 9.75 and the damage has been changed as well it has been increased from 39 to 40. Now when any player is headshot by a shotgun, the aim punch will be lower than all the other weapons. Down below you can see all the major changes coming to the Valorant in update 1.07.



* Heal

– Heal reduced from 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 5 seconds

– Self heal reduced from 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 10 seconds

– Our goal is to reduce the amount of healing done throughout the round. Disincentivize Sage from self-healing and make it more expensive to do so.

* Slow Orb

– Size reduced by 30%

– This should slightly reduce the power of Slow Orb and increase intentionality. Right now, the slow orb unintentionally covers a lot more ground than it should be if aimed properly.

* Barrier Orb

– Cost reduced from 400 >>> 300

– Fortifying Barrier: Wall forms at 400 HP—after a 3-second delay, the wall becomes fortified to 800 HP

– Our hope is to increase counterplay on Barrier and reduce the strength of the wall during reactive use.



– Added a brief windup before damage begins

– DPS reduced from 60 >>> 40

– Visual effects have been added to make it easier to spot the grenade on the ground Stealth audio range has been slightly increased

– Killjoy’s Nanoswarm has been a terror to play against. It’s meant to be a strong stalling and post-plant tool—but we feel it’s currently dealing far too much damage and players aren’t able to engage in the desired counterplay.


– No longer revealed by Sova’s Recon Bolt

– More effectively shoots at an enemy’s last known location


Toxic Screen

– Can now be placed during the buy phase of rounds, through spawn barriers

– Toxic Screen now goes up faster along its full length, once it starts to form

– This change should allow Viper, in many situations, to get her wall placed pre-round and then join her team before the barrier drops—or create uncertainty about her location when the round begins. Increasing the speed of the wall rising should reduce the awkward period that occurs after it starts to rise but isn’t covering all the angles Viper and her allies would expect.


– Decay on all smoke abilities no longer affects allies

– This is mainly targeted towards Viper’s Pit and should help reduce some of the unintentional collateral damage she can cause to her team, while also opening new strategies for playing around her ult as a team.

Viper’s Pit

– The area of Viper’s Pit is now shown on her team’s minimap when deployed


(Note: These are not all the potential Breach changes we want to do, but as part of our ease-in, intentional-balance philosophy, we want to be measured. Stay tuned for more…potentially.)


– Off-screen flashes now match the behavior of other flashes in the game and apply a minimum amount of flash more aggressively

– Charges increased from 2 >>> 3

– Reduced windup time from 0.6 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds

– Breach should be a choice pick in offensive entry and breaking utility. While the flash’s power was pretty good, too few charges were holding him back on being able to provide this value for his team. Considering the needs teammates to capitalize on his flashes, this should make up for that cost by simply having more of them.

Rolling Thunder

– Detonation delay between blasts decreased from 0.3 >>> 0.255


– Concuss now de-scopes players and prevents re-scoping


– Updated the physics on Sova’s cape so that it should wiggle outside his hitbox less frequently
Polish work on Sova’s 1P hands to bring them up to the fidelity bar of the rest of our agents

These are all of the changes that are coming to the characters of the game but there are also changes in the guns and many other things. If you want to read them all, you can do that by clicking right here.

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