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Spelunky 2 Release Date And System Requirements For Steam Has Been Unveiled

Spelunky 2 release date
Spelunky 2 (Credits: Derek Yu)

Spelunky 2 is the sequel to Spelunky which was a unique platformer game that was created by Derek Yu. The previous game was a very good game that garnered a lot of attention and with its popularity, a second game was made. The second game was even denser then the original and the sequel introduced many areas characters, traps, items, and new ways to interact with them. This game is filled with branching paths and multi-layered levels adding a third dimension to the classic 2d platforming. These dimensions will give players access to a second layer behind the normal playfield, these places might contain treasure rooms, hidden passages, and other special places.

There are multiple ways that a player can approach and because there is going to be more freedom of choice and each player will have very different approaches to how they will play this game. Furthermore, there will also be animal taming mechanic which will include turkeys and each of them will have special abilities. Enemies may ride mounts. There is also going to be what developers call dynamic liquid physics which creates new challenges and makes the world feel extra reactive and alive. You can also recruit people that will be in your base camp, you can talk with them which will offer you encouragement and advice. The player can help, hurt, or ignore them and what it will do is make each run feel even more like a unique story.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 (Credits: Derek Yu)

As the player explores, their camp will grow in size and will ultimately become a thriving little community and in the camp, the player will be able to access the shortcut as well as practice without any problem. The world of this game has many things in it which include threats like monsters. Devs have also changed some mechanics which will make players “rethink their strategies.” Liquid Physics has been improved which will allow water and lava to move and pour realistically, which drastically affects the playfield.

Players can explore the world but there are deadly poison and curses that be harmful to the players. All of these things show that the game will be a lot different than before and the fans of the series will have a lot of fun time with this. The game’s release date has been revealed by the developers, it will be launching on 15 September on PlayStation 4 and as for the PC, it will be releasing a few days later on 29 September 2020. As for the system requirements for the game, you can see them right down below.



* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 10 64-bit
* Processor: Quad Core 2.6 GHz
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 750
* DirectX: Version 11
* Storage: 600 MB available space
* Additional Notes: Gamepad Recommended

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