IMDb’s Top 10 TV Shows List of 2020: The Boys Rank First Ahead of Money Heist and Dark

The Boys has proved itself as the number 1 show on the list of IMDb despite all the amazing series that have been released this year, such as The Witcher as well as Ozark. Well, there was nothing that bested this Amazon Prime Video drama. IMDb has recently come up with their top 10 list of TV shows meant for 2020. It features series such as The Queen, The Umbrella Academy, Westworld, The Queen’s Gambit, and much more.

Dark by Netflix came in second on this list, while Money Heist was ranked at number 3. Although, beating everyone, was The Boys on the top. Their ranking description on the page mentioned the show’s ranking on the website of IMDb. It says that these rankings are not based upon the critical assessment or maybe even the Nielson ratings. They are established on the pageviews by their combined web as well as the mobile audience that has more than 200 unique visitors in a month.

The Boys: Queen Maeve and Homelander

The Boys sit at the top of IMDb’s top show list!

At that point in time, there were several stars from The Boys who shared their excitement on Twitter. The media had Jack Quaid, who plays the part of Hughie Campbell on the show. Giving a special vote of thanks to IMDb, Jack said that he is sure this is not going to go to our heads, and now if we will all excuse him, he has to call his enemies and tell them about the great news. Then we had Karen Fukuhara, the actor on this show who portrays the character of Kimiko Miyashiro, also known as The Female.

She added thanks to the viewers as well as the platform provided by IMDb. She firstly thanked everyone for loving The Boys as much as they love creating it. The second season of The Boys came out on the 4th of September 2020, with its final installment coming out on the 9th of October 2020. All this while, you guys should be anticipated because the show has been renewed for a third season. Although, this new installment does not have a release date yet.

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The Boys ― Cast Members!

The Boys from Amazon Prime Video employs stars such as Karl Urban, reprising the role of Billy Butcher. Jack Quaid enacting the character of Hughie Campbell. Laz Alonso playing the part of Mother’s Milk. Then we have Tomer Kapon, who reprises the role of Frenchie. Karen Fukuhara enacts the character of Kimiko. Erin Moriarty does the part of Annie January. Chace Crawford reprises the rile of Deep. Antony Star enacts the character of Homelander. Aya Cash plays the part of Stormfront. The first and second installment of the show, The Boys, is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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