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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 Has Arrived And Here is Everything You Need To Know About It

Call of duty Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile (Credits: TiMi Studios)

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games globally, and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger. With the release of season 10, many new things have been added to the game, which the players will definitely like. Unlike season 9, season 10 isn’t as massive as the previous but a big one. There are several events planned by the developers which will be running until. The end of the season, like Headquarters Mode, Terminal 24/7 Playlist, Boarding Pass Event, and many more. Down below, you can see details on these events:

• 9/10 – 9/24 ~ Headquarters Mode (MP)
• 9/10 – 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
• 9/10 – 9/17 ~ Boarding Pass Event (MP)
Play the new MP map Terminal, complete tasks, and acquire a variety of rewards
• 9/10 – 9/17 ~ Carpe Diem Event (MP)
Complete a variety of Headquarters related tasks and grab Spec Ops 4 – Freight Train, new weapon camos, and more
• 9/10 ~ Three New Seasonal Challenges released
• 9/10 ~ Credit Store Update
• 9/10 ~ New Monthly Login event begins
*All Dates UTC

Call of duty Mobile Season 10

Call Of Duty Mobile (Credits: TiMi Studios)

There is a new weapon called Echo that is devastating damage to enemies, and it is an automatic shotgun that has tremendous power and has enough power to take down multiple enemies in a row as long as you are close enough to hit them with its full firepower. The base version and the Epic Demon Eyes blueprint is available in BP. The season 10 is here, named The Hunt; it battle pass brings all-new characters, weapons, blueprints, camos, and an insane amount of value. The battle pass always has many amazing high rewards, which are worth a lot and CP is also given in the Battle Pass as well, which is enough for you to buy a new Battle Pass each month. Down below, you can see the list of thing that will be available for free users and paid users:

• Free Battle Pass

– LK24 – Forest Floor (tier 4)
– New Operator Skill – Equalizer (tier 14)
– New Weapon – Echo (tier 21)
– HS0405 – Forest Floor (Tier 31)
– Calling Card – Forest Assault (tier 38)
– Charm – Safety First (tier 46)
– HG 40 – Forest Floor (tier 50)

• Paid Battle Pass

– Mara – Valkyrie (tier 1)
– GKS – Scion (tier 1)
– Charm – Black Widow (tier 1)
– ICR -1 – Bloodline (tier 10)
– Outrider – Amazonas (tier 12)
– RPD – Carnivorous (tier 20)
– Makarov – Splinter (tier 35)
– XPR – Arachnophobia (tier 40)
– Echo – Demon Eyes (tier 50)
– Mace – Tombstone (tier 50)
– Legendary Calling Card – Fatal Attraction (tier 50)

These are only one of the many things that arrived with the new season. Down below, you can see the rest of the patch notes.

Call of Duty Mobile Patch Notes

• Headquarters Mode

This is a classic Call of Duty Multiplayer mode, which is similar to Hardpoint. It is a moving location on the map that players will have to capture to score points for their team. But while it is identical but it does have a few differences:

– The Headquarters radio cannot switch sides when captured by a team; it can only be destroyed

– When the radio has captured the team that hold, it can’t respawn

– In this, the players will have to be the first ones to capture the radio when it spawns, and they have to hold it for 50 seconds to rake in the points for their team

– This mode will be live for a couple of weeks, so make sure to try it out and let us know what you think! Lastly, if you are looking for some visual aids, then you can get a glimpse of it all in action below.

• Terminal Map

The beloved and fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been one of the most requested maps for Call of Duty: Mobile, and it is here. Players will have to fight through the tarmac, the departure hall, various indoor areas, or inside of the plane, each of which supports different playstyles. This map is available for Team Death Match, Domination, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, 10v10 Team Deathmatch, 10v10 Domination, and many more.

But this will depend on whether these modes will be activated at this time, like, for example, 10v10, but it will be widely available. There are various perks, load-outs, weapons, and options for taking on this unique map. If you are looking for any tips on dominating this one, then we have a Terminal Map Snapshot blog post ready for you!

• Hardcore Mode

This is a mode that many players are familiar with; this is a mode which specifically for those sets of players who mainly prefer a mode which is fast, brutal, that also rewards accuracy and strategy. This mode has many unique things in it, which make it perfect for those that want a more realistic Multiplayer experience. In this mode, every bullet counts, and the player will have to be careful as friendly fire is on, there is a reduced hud, and it is much easier to die to a stray bullet.

All Call of Duty titles have some differences in terms of friendly fire, so with this mode, players will be able to teamkill twice, and then any other friendly fire after that will mean the next one will do damage to that player instead of a teammate.

• Seasonal Challenges

The arrival of a new season also means new seasonal challenges. Right now, there are three with four more releasing as the season continue. There is a lot of stuff as usual, which includes it is Battle Pass XP, unique items, blueprints, and more.

• Survival Kit

This is a six-part seasonal challenge in which you have to complete numerous tasks that focused on weapons, kills, and looting. This one has many rewards, including an epic weapon blueprint, which the HG 40 – Flytrap. Furthermore, it is an item that is of epic rarity, which is not found in seasonal challenges, so do make sure to grab HG 40.

– (Uncommon) RUS-79U – Pelt
– (Rare) Spray – Night Terror
– (Rare) HG 40 – Freight Train
– (Rare) Venus Frame
– (Epic) HG 40 – Flytrap

• Master Operator

This seven-part seasonal challenge has you jumping back into Multiplayer and specifically asks you to dominate the playing field with operator skills. You’ll have to use five different operator skills to complete every task in this one, including the new Equalizer operator skill that can be found and acquired through the new Battle Pass. Check out the rewards:

– (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Plated Green
– (Uncommon) M4 – Plated Green
– (Rare) Calling Card – Camper
– (Rare) M16 – Iridescent

• Run and Gun

This Gunsmith-orientated six-part seasonal challenge is Multiplayer focused and requires you to use various weapons with specific setups/attachments. While the tasks themselves are relatively simple, you’ll need a variety of weapons at least somewhat leveled up to complete every single task. The primary rewards for this one are:

– (Uncommon) J358 – Pelt
– (Uncommon) GKS – Pelt
– (Rare) Spray – Charge
– (Rare) GKS – Freight Train

Check out each subsequent weekly community update for the details on each next batch of seasonal challenges!

• Pine Map

We have another new Multiplayer map coming out later in the season, and this vegetation heavy map is called Pine! This close-quarters map is suited primarily for Gunfight and 1v1 mode. It will be available later on this season on September 25th (UTC). Keep an eye out for more info on it around then.

• BR Class – Hacker

Another new piece of content coming out later this season is a Battle Royale class, the Hacker. This class gives you the ability to become extremely annoying to your enemies as you prevent them from using equipment, disable their minimap, and various options that generally make life harder for them. The two main abilities are Ice Pick, the primary, and Hard Wired. Ice Pick blocks out the minimap of any nearby enemy and stops them from using any gadget.

Hard Wired, on the other hand, makes it difficult for enemies to affect your minimap negatively. See that new class in motion on our CODM YouTube page (we can only post so many videos per Reddit post). You’ll be able to find this one in an event called Technogeek that should be releasing on the tail-end of the season. Keep an eye out for more news on that as we get closer to October.

• Overkill Perk

A few updates ago, we added a perk called Overkill into the game, but we’ve yet to unlock it. As a result, many people have been asking after each update ‘when will Overkill be released?’ Well, the simple answer is not yet. The more complicated response is that we don’t think it is ready, however, especially after Gunsmith entering the playing field and changing how nearly everything works with weapons.

We see the desire for this perk, and we will call it out as soon as we know when it will be released. Just hang tight, and please accept that we haven’t released it yet for good reasons.

• Credit Store Update

The last piece of new content we would like to highlight for this Season 10 release is the first credit store update, which also releases today. This credit store update is all focused around weapons alongside one scorestreak. Check it all out in-game now, and here are all of the items that were added:

– (Uncommon) M21 EBR – Undergrowth
– (Uncommon) UL736 – Nightfall
– (Rare) HVK-30 – Lattice
– (Common) Cluster Strike Scorestreak
– (Epic – Blueprint) BK57 – Nuclear Fallout

– Bug Reports

– While we usually don’t do this during an update or Season release post, there is one issue we wanted call-out here due to players frequently reaching out about it.

• Event Reward Issues

Over the weekend and into the start of this week, we’ve seen players reaching out about issues with two events: 10 Men Regiment and Survival Skills. The issue popping up with both events is that some rewards are not collectible despite the tracker being filled up. This is clearly shown on the events page for each. Here is an example:

– The last reward there, despite this event progress tracker being completed, is not collectible. There is a similar issue with two rewards in Survival Skills. We are working on both of those and investigating options to get rewards to encounter these issues.

– Hang tight for now and keep an eye out for news on all of that. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been reporting these issues and reaching out in every corner of our community sphere. We have tried to convey this message everywhere we can, but please do share this with others.

• Support Options

Lastly, we’ve mentioned how important it is to report any bugs or issues you see with new updates, so please make sure to reach out through any support channels. While we see and report bugs through community channels, it is generally only large and identified issues while our player support teams can go through all kinds of reports and in a much more straightforward way. Here are those main channels:

In-game support chat
ATVI Assist Twitter: Activision Support (@ATVIAssist) / Twitter
ATVI Assist Facebook: Activision Assist – Facebook
Player Support Website: Contact Us
Final Notes

The next season releasing after this one will be during our Call of Duty: Mobile anniversary month. There will be a lot going on then, but for now, enjoy Season 10: The Hunt and all of the brand-new content releasing for it throughout the season! There are still many different events on the way, different modes, other playlists, and so many rewards to grab new rewards (like a perk called High Alert), like another marquee seasonal event similar to Finest Hour.

We are 11 months into the first year of CODM, and we cannot thank you enough! There have been many members of this community that has been here since the beginning, whether they are content creators, community leaders, or one of the tens of thousands of community members. We are continuously humbled by this support, by the size of the community, and by the creativity, kindness, humor, and passion, you all exhibit every single day.

The patch notes end here. There has been a lot of content recently on Call of Duty Mobile. The developers are listening to their community and giving them such a tremendous amount of content for free with the ban of PUBG in India. The game has become even more popular than before. The game is making a lot of money, and it is a perfect game that isn’t a bugging mess or broken. In the future, it might even take the spot of the number of mobile games.

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