The Croods 2: Box Office Success for Universal Pictures Film

The sequel of the Croods movie has finally come out, seven years after the release of the original movie. The Croods 2: A New Age was in development for years since the first one had gotten a release. In between, there was even an animated series that was aired known as the “Dawn of the Croods,” and it was released on Netflix.

It was at first decided for a 2018 release, but it was pushed back to fit in more releases of the Dreamworks studio. But unfortunately, due to multiple delays, it got canceled once. But later in 2017, the sequel was back in development and had resumed production. At first, it was supposed to be released in September 2020 but is now released on Thanksgiving and will have a release date in India on December 18. Among the delayed releases of most of the movies, Croods 2 is doing a fair amount of business in the theatres that are still open. The movie closed this weekend with a total earning of over $80 million.

The first movie focused on the Croods family living in a cave and surviving the harsh world by a set of rules under the family patriarch Grug Crood. But his daughter, Eep, wants to live differently and discover what the real world is like and ends up falling for an intuitive boy named Guy, whom her father disapproves But when the end of the world is nearing, and their cave is destroyed, the family (except) Grug realizes that the survival rules can’t apply to this situation. So they have Guy join them on their journey to find their new home and help them survive with his inventive and out-of-the-box ideas. The ending of the movie saw Grug finally breaking free of his ways and the family finally living in a new home where they can live and enjoy freely.

A New Age!

The trailer shows the family going on a new adventure together. One day, they see the light shining from the walls, thinking that it’s the end of the world. When they breakdown the walls, they see that there is another world with a lot of flora and vegetation all over. As they begin to discover this new modern place, they end up crossing paths with the much more evolved modern family, the Bettermans.

They become familiar with the new things around them and discover how earth and humans have evolved for years to come. It even shows Eeep and Dawn becoming best friends delightfully and shows Belt possibly falling in love with a female sloth known as Sash. But it mostly focuses on the Croods trying to find their new home and adapting to the new world they are living in. It will even give us an insight into Guy’s past and how he lost his family.

Give it a watch!

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The movie saw the return of the original voice actors from the first movie, namely Emma Stone (La La Land), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Nicolas Cage (Mandy), Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine), Catherine Keener (Get Out) and Cloris Leachman. It will even see the new voice actors in this movie: Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Leslie Mann (Blockers), and Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars) as the Bettermans.

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