The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Prequel Spinoff As An Episodic Series?

Netflix is now all set with a spinoff series for The Witcher. It is coming up with The Witcher: Blood Origin. This show will serve as a live-action limited series. Its installment is set to have six episodes that will lead up to the event of the Conjunction of the Spheres. We will also witness how the first Witcher ever came into existence in the history of the Continent. Recently, a lot of information has been revealed regarding this show, and here, we will aid you with it.

All this while, when Netflix announced about The Witcher: Blood Origin, the platform also gave away a pretty short synopsis regarding it. The statement reads that the show will be set approximately 1200 years before we witness the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. It will be all before the monsters came into existence, and men, as well as elves, had to crash at one place, and the Witcher actually started breathing.

The Witcher: Blood Original
Henry Cavill in Netflix: The Witcher

The Witcher: Blood Original ― What does the synopsis say?

According to this synopsis, we can make out the timeline of the upcoming sequel. It will be 1200 years before the main The Witcher story. We also are revealed that all the six episodes that make up the show are going to explore the story behind two of the most important events that have ever happened in the Witcher lore. The first one is The Conjunction of the Spheres. It has merged the universe of monsters as well as elves with humans into just one place, the Continent. Then, of course, the second thing fans will be able to learn about is how the first Witcher ever got created in the first place.

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At the same point in time, this factor generates various queries about some important topics. The first one being the doubt about how the show is going to cover these two incidents? It is because we are originally told that these two events have taken place centuries apart. While the whole world saw the Conjunction of Spheres happening around 1200 years before the beginning of The Witcher saga, the first Witcher creature did not start off killing monsters until later. This fact was confirmed by the official accompanying map that was given away by Netflix.

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The Witcher: Blood Origin ― How will it cover the timeline for thousands of years?

It specifies that the first Witcher was not created by the mages till 967 years after the Conjunction happened. Well, it is thought by people that the answer to this question might be available in the format. Well, there was a pretty recent casting call for the Blood Origin. And by it, we can expect Blood Origin to be an episodic series.  By this fact, we can expect that the six episodes of the show are all going to portray a different tale each. This can be compared to The Mandalorian sort of format by Disney Plus. Although, we know that the show is going to employ thousands of years of the history of The Witcher literally and thus, it is possible that we might receive some big-time jumps between the episodes.

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