Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Starring Late Chadwick Boseman Releasing on Netflix

The film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” is an adaptation of Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson’s play, one of ten in his “American Century Cycle.” The film is set in the 1920s and grasps the viewers around the vintage vibes it beholds. Author August Wilson crafted his play in 1982, after being inspired by Ma Rainey’s ever shining persona and the way she brought herself up to greater heights of fame.

These are the opening lines as we dive deep into the trailer of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

“This be an empty world without the blues. I try to take that emptiness and fill it up with something. But they want to call me Mother of the Blues, that’s alright with me. It doesn’t hurt none.”

The film revolves and is set around three real and reel life black artists and celebrates their vulnerability. It centers around the fateful recording session of the famous and influential real life of early blues singer Ma Rainey. It will also address the iconic musician Ma Rainey’s struggle with her white management team.  We come across the protagonist being referred to as “the mother of blues.” The most beautiful and painful part of the trailer is when we’re introduced to Levee, aka Chadwick Boseman, who was taken away from us too soon. But we can’t keep our eyes off the ambitious and charismatic trumpet player, and whenever he comes on screen, our heart is bound to skip a beat.

The 2020 American drama film is directed by George C.Wolfe, and the screenplay is written by Ruben Santiago-Hudson. The film has initially been released in theatres on 25th November 2020 with limited seating but will be available for viewers worldwide from 18th December 2020 on Netflix.

“Black Bottom” will witness the presence of versatile actors like the oscar-winning actress Viola Davis as Ma Rainey, our Black Panther aka late Chadwick Boseman as Levee. We will also witness characters like Toledo, played by Glynn Turman, Cutler by Colman Domingo, Slow Drag by Michael Potts, Dussie Mae by Taylour Paige, Sylvester by Dusan Brown, Sturdyvant by Jonny Coyne, and Irvin by Jeremy Shamos. This movie has been shot in Pittsburgh, with the sets being converted in 1927 Chicago.

The film was initially under HBO’s production contract, as Denzel Washington had a deal with the television network to produce nine films based on August Wilson’s work, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom being one of them. But later in 2019, the production deal was shifted to Netflix.

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From the theater release, the movie has been critically acclaimed and received an average rating of 8.2. Still, however, this movie is special, not only because of its outstanding adaptation into a movie just like the 1982 play but also because of the emotional connection the viewers will indulge into. It will also serve as a farewell to one of the finest actors, Chadwick Boseman, whose last onscreen performance will leave the audiences mesmerized. Hence, it will be hard to watch without remembering that it is Chadwick Boseman’s last movie, but his ever shining performance will get you in tears.

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