P-Valley Season 2 Renewal: What We Know So Far?

Directed by an all-women crew with a blend of the perfectly crafted and chosen cast, P-Valley is an American drama series that aired its first season on the Starz network. The show revolves around the life of five employees working at a strip club called The Pynk, located in the fictional city of Chucalissa, Mississippi. The series is an adaptation of Pussy Valley, a play written by Katori Hall, who is even the director of the film adaptation. The series stars: Brandee Evans, Nicco Annan, Shannon Thornton, Elarica Johnson, and Skyler Joy.

The series is appealing, galling, powerful and introduces us to strong female characters who are the protagonists of the story. The perspective of Katori Hall delves us deep into the oceans of sacred vision, giving us a different outlook towards prostitution, telling us unheard and engrossing stories of people engaged in it. The series shines a spotlight on the scars and beauty of women, black women in particular, who are put to shame and pushed towards the edge of society instead of letting them be on the center stage-right where they belong. Precisely, the story is about the workers of a strip club, black women, and their struggle to run their lives, overcoming the obstacles they face in their day to day lives.

The creator of the show, Katori Hall, was initially unsure of the series adaptation, as the story is based on a sensitive issue that is treated as something being marginalized and stigmatized. She further goes on to say that she is grateful enough to be able to come up with the show and dig deep into the lives of the women, whose stories and misery go unheard. A lot of effort has gone behind telling the story the way it is effortless.

The creator of the show put in a few years researching and analyzing. She met girls and women who danced professionally and lived under the same conditions as the story suggested and interviewed around forty of them. The series flashes some light into their personal lives and the sacrifice they make every day to be able to stand in society.


Season 2 Details

The series went on air in 2019, just a few episodes into the debut season of Starz’s “P-valley, and the show instantly set a new record for being the most viewed series premiere. The show has received immense support and love from the viewers and has been referred to as a must-see television series by the audiences.

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There is only one season of the show so far on Starz, and it was renewed for season 2 in July. There are currently 8 episodes in season one, and each episode ranging about an hour. But the upcoming season is believed to have 10 episodes in total, thus extending its duration. The production of the show has been delayed as of now, owing to the global health crisis, and we’re quite unsure when the team will start filming for the upcoming season. But we can expect the series to premiere by the end of 2021.

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