Taylor Swift Clears The Queries Surrounding the Album ‘Woodvale’

Pop sensation Taylor Swift has successfully given her fans two surprise albums this year, “Folklore” and “Evermore,” and soon after their release, fans had started speculating about her upcoming third album, “Woodvale.” The news has begun disseminating that Woodvale would possibly release around March 2021. But the Grammy award-winning singer, during her interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, put an end to all the rumors and speculation surrounding her “upcoming album.”

However, the pop star managed to clear the air by telling us the actual reason behind Woodvale being a topic of discussion. While she was working over ‘Folklore’ that came out in July this year, she was too afraid to unveil her album’s title to anyone. Not even her closest teammates and management knew. She managed to hide it well and didn’t tell anyone about the album before it actually came out. Now, taking us through the explanation, she told Kimmel that she tends to hide the little things ahead of releases but as it is fun for fans, and it’s fun for her too because they like to pick up on things. But she also admits that sometimes, mistakenly, she takes it too far.

She was pretty unsure about her previous album and didn’t tell anybody it. Later, she wanted to come up with a fake codename with the same amount of letters as ‘Folklore and randomly ended up choosing ‘Woodvale.’ By doing this, the singer wanted to see how the name would look on the album covers. She didn’t like the name to print upon the album covers, so she mocked them up, and then the team missed to take the fake codename off of one.

The audience finds her story hard to digest, but anyway, the pop star is sticking to it. When being questioned by Kimmel about her theory and the proportion of truth in it, Swift laughed it all off and managed to escape the situation by joking about it and saying she was “so exhausted” and had “nothing left” to give. She further says that even Evermore’ had a codename, and it was kept as ‘November.’ But the only thing that made a difference last time was that she remembered to take it off after mocking over the album covers before she released them. But this time, she has clearly learned a lesson.

The pop sensation also discussed her new documentary, “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions”, and what all it took her to bring it to life. Talking about her two-hour film premiered last month on Disney+, Swift says that the film was made under weird circumstances. They had to quarantine themselves and get tested like a zillion times to keep working. But she says that the project is very special to her because throughout it’s making, she felt like she was returning more and departing less. Directed by Swifter, the documentary explores the making of its title album, which earned Swift multiple Grammy nominations for 2021’s ceremony.

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