under the dome season 4

Under the Dome Season 4 May Never Happen!

Under the Dome is a Science-Fiction drama series that premiered on CBS on June 14th, 2013, and ended on September 10th, 2015. The series is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Under the Dome tells the story of residents of the fictional small town of Chester’s Mill when a huge and unbreakable dome suddenly cuts them off from the rest of the world.

Military forces, the government, and the media try their best to break it down, but in vain. A small group of people trapped inside the dome must figure out what the dome is, where it came from, and when or if it will ever go away. The series’s cast includes Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Britt Robertson, Colin Ford, Alexander Koch, Dean Norris, Mackenzie Lintz, and Eddie Cahill.

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What happened in the Season 3 finale?

Following the death of Christine, Dawn takes over as the Queen of Kinship. Sam yells to her about tunnels at the cement factory that can lead them out of town. Junior, who is jealous of Sam’s position in the Kinship, seeks to reclaim it. He and Sam fight aggressively, which results in Junior killing Sam. The crystals are soon put into place, and the transmitter is ready for use. Dawn activates the crystals, but the egg is needed, and it is not available at this point. Dawn takes Norie captive and tells her that she can act as an egg since she is part of the four hands and saw the pink stars first. Joe takes Norie’s place to protect her, just as Dawn expected. Joe triggers the transmitter, and the dome ends up coming down.

After the Dome disappears, Julia and Big Jim attempt to kill Dawn after briefly celebrating their freedom, but Junior attacks Jim before he can shoot her. During the fight, Jim stabs Junior in the side while he gets strangled and then stabs him several times more. Junior dies in Jim’s arms. In an attempt to escape, Dawn is cornered by Barbie in the cement factory, where he wants to let her fall to her death while the two of them balance on the wooden plank over the pit. Dawn tries to manipulate his human nature by reminding him that she is his daughter. It does not work as Barbie breaks the plank, and both of them fall into the pit, but Barbie survives the fall. He reunites with Julia, and all the Chester’s Mill residents are taken by the Army for testing.

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Everyone but those who are under the Kinship’s influence is required to sign a statement about the fact Hektor and Aktaion were responsible for the dome and everything that happened inside it, despite Barbie, Julia, Norie, Hunter, Lily, and Big Jim telling the true story. Before he signs the agreement, Big Jim offers to sell the story before he is fairly compensated. One year later, Barbie proposes to Julia after a year of traveling on the road together, but they are interrupted by officials and taken to meet Congressman Big Jim. It is later revealed through CCTV footage that Dawn is alive. Dawn stops three children before they touch another egg. After they leave, Dawn says that they’ll come back another time.

Under the Dome Season 4 release date

It’s unknown whether or not CBS’s Under the Dome will come back for another season. As the showrunner, Neal Bauer said that he is pleased with the ending shown, and he is delighted with it, and it’s not necessary to make another season of the series. So it’s safe to say that the series won’t come back for Under the Dome Season 4 as the third season gave a satisfying conclusion.

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