Blue Lock Chapter 203 release date

Blue Lock Chapter 203- Release Date, Recap & How To Read

Muneyuki Kaneshiro written football manga series, Blue Lock, is one the most popular manga series nowadays. With a total of 202 episodes, this ongoing manga series will take you to the world of meticulous footballers who wish to become Japan’s egotist strikers.

The Blue Lock manga’s storyline starts with Japan being eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The country’s authority suffers as a result of the elimination, and Ego Jinpachi, a football head trainer, is hired to lead the Blue Lock institution. Blue Lock requires Japan’s best players to go through rigorous training in order to represent the country.

However, training at Blue Lock is not like any other training. The hardest training is designed by Ego Jinpachi, and anyone who fails it will never be able to represent the Japanese team again.

The Protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, joins Blue Lock and aims to become one of the egotist strikers for Japan’s national team. Currently, 202 chapters of this astonishing manga have been released, and fans cannot wait for the next episode to release.

Want to know everything about the Blue Lock chapter 203 release date? We are as excited as you are to fill you in on Blue Lock’s upcoming chapter.

But before we begin, here is a quick recap of the previously released episode.

Blue Lock Chapter 202 – Recap

The chapter starts with Nagi scoring the goal. While team Z has total attention on Nagi’s excellent goal, Tsurugi converts the situation into an opportunity and utilizes the power of speed, making a long-range goal that leads team Y to score 3-0.

Bachira, who becomes upset when he discovers that his team’s tactics aren’t working, tricks Tsurugi and Mikagae, then brilliantly throws the ball towards the goalie of Team V. Team Z then succeeds in raising their score to 3-1.

Blue Lock Chapter 203
A still from Blue Lock – Anime Adaption

Bachira recognizes that his squad is capable of doing more than they perform and succeeds in enhancing his team’s performance on the field, and then the real game begins.

At the end of the first half, Kunigami succeeds in scoring a second goal for his team with the use of low- a spin mid-range shot. Now, for the second half, Team Y totally fulfills fans’ expectations by scoring the third goal, which Chigiri scores with a free kick.

Now that the scores are the same, chapter 203 is going to be the exciting one, as fans are eager to know who is going to win the game.

Blue Lock Chapter 203 – Release Date

Blue Lock, one of the outstanding Manga Series, which portrays the life of the ambitious footballers from the institution called Blue Lock, is currently ongoing, and 202 chapters of the series are already released. Chapter 202 was released on 18th December 2022, and the next chapter of the series is also scheduled to release.

So, when exactly the upcoming chapter is going to release, and how can you read it? We know that you have a lot of questions, but no need to worry; we have got you covered!

Blue Lock
Blue Lock Characters

Chapter 203 of Blue Lock is scheduled to release on 25th December 2022, Sunday, at 10.00 PM JST.

Kindly find your time zone according to the mentioned list given below:

  • Eastern Daylight Time: 25th December 2022, Sunday, 9.00 AM
  • British Summer Time: 25th December 2022, Sunday, 2.00 PM
  • Korean Standard Time: 25th December 2022, Sunday, 10.00 PM
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 25th December 2022, Sunday, 5.00 AM
  • Australian Time: 26th December 2022, Monday, 12.00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 25th December 2022, Sunday, 6.30 AM

Blue Lock Chapter 203 – How to Read?

Now that you know everything about the release day, date, and time in your respective region, here are the platforms where you can read your favorite manga series, Blue Lock.

Unfortunately, the blue lock is not available on the Shonen Jump app and Viz Media. However, you can read all 202 episodes of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magzine. For those who live in the USA, there is an American website, Kodansha USA, where you can read the next chapter.

Blue Lock – Anime Adaption

Good news for all Blue Lock fans! Now you can watch the anime adaption of Blue Lock Manga to watch your favorite characters scoring goals on screen. The anime adaption of Blue Lock was released in the month of October 2022 and currently receiving an abundance of love from fans.

Blue Lock’s season one anime adaptation includes a total of 24 episodes. The whole season will contain the selection arc. If you are intrigued about watching this amazing anime adaptation, you can watch the episodes on Crunchyroll.

Now that you know everything about the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock, keep some time aside and read your favorite manga.

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