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AC/DC Releasing A New Album Containing Malcolm’s Recording!

Well, AC/DC has been teasing the fans about their huge comeback for some time now, and the band has even released a potential trailer for their new music. In that clip, people are able to witness Brian Johnson singing a new single, which is titled as Shot In The Dark. This can be considered as the first new song by AC/DC since they had released studio album Rock or Bust back in 2014.

According to the previous teases that took place just this week, it looks as if the new album is probably titled as PWRUP, also known as Power Up by AC/DC. In the teaser video, people can witness the red photoshoots of the classic lime up; this band has, that is, Brian, Angus Young, Cliff Williams as well as Phil Rudd. All this while, we will see Stevie Young, the late nephew of Malcolm, who takes his place on the rhythm guitar his uncle once owned. By the supreme looks of it, we can probably conclude that AC/DC is very much planning on a return after the issues they have been through since the release of Rock or Bust.

About the new album of AC/DC called PWRUP!

Apart from the tragic news about Malcolm’s death that happened back in 2017, we had artist Brian Johnson who was compelled to step down as a singer on the world tour because of the hearing problems. Then Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose stepped in to do the vocals, but then, unfortunately, drummer Phil Rudd was not able to go on a potential tour as he was facing some legal issues. Then, as we saw the Rock or Bust World Tour ended in 2016, the bassist in the band, Cliff Williams, announced that he is retiring. This was how we saw Angus Young being the only original member left on the band after this incident, and it sure looked like the days for AC/DC were numbered.

But as of right now, the guys are back on their musical track with what is supposed to be their last album in the studio and the one which is going to pay the highest tribute to Malcolm Young in the best manner. Fans are speculating that this upcoming album called PWRUP is going to feature a posthumous recording by the late, but iconic guitarist. The result is all because of a miracle we call technology these days.

AC/DC will be putting in late Malcolm’s recordings in PWRUP!

One thing is sure at this point in time that this forthcoming album is going to be uplifting as well as heartbreaking at the same time because nothing actually goes on forever, but this is the last ‘one more time.’ If the rest of the band includes Malcolm’s recordings, AC/DC would be doing exactly what Queen did four years after the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

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