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Ahi Te Encargo: Release Date on Netflix and Film Review!

Netflix has recently released a Mexican comedy film called Ahi Te Encargo, also known as You Got This. It was released on the streaming giant on the 2nd of October 2020. This film has been hated by many people who have subscribed to Netflix because it is repellant humor and should have been renamed and Two Selfish People with a Baby.

This can be considered in some way as a romantic tale that tries hard to turn around the gender roles as it was done in the Hollywood comedies back in the 80s era. You Got’s story throws the entire spotlight on the characters who have no sentiments a person could tolerate along with a baby who nobody seems to want to care for.

Ahi te encargo release date and film review

Ahi Te Encargo―Plotline and Other details!

This is a kind of film in which the society frowns at a young woman, who has been reprised by Esmeralda Pimentel, who is so aimed at following her career wherever it takes her husband, whose character has been enacted by Mauricio Ochmann. This guy barks quite a lot, saying why he would not be given what he actually desires, i.e., a baby.

Originally, the film is in the Spanish language, but English subtitles have been provided with it. We see that this guy, Alejandro, actually is a graphic designer for an agency with babies on their heads. All this while, his wife, Cecilia, is a rising character at a firm that manages global architectural engineering. She even has a chance to make a partner here or maybe even take over at some point in time.

Ahi Te Encargo―Film Review!

Events in this film conspire Alejandro to take a baby in his care for a period of time. For this, he offers his service to a single mother and takes a babysitter’s responsibility to provide Cecilia a headstart for some maternal instincts. Although these feelings are nowhere to be found, she repeatedly reminds Alejandro that she does not want to be a mother.

So, of course, Alej has to hide the fact that the baby is actually imposed on him, and thus he hides the toddler from her. On the other hand, even Cecilia can not tell Alejandro about her possible promotion of her dream because they always fight over a baby. We see how Alejandro takes up on a responsibility that he is clearly not prepared for even though he thinks he is. Cecilia is also looking forward to all the apartments they can shift to in Hong Kong without even telling her own husband.

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