9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

Lucy makes a newsworthy save after a woman falls over her balcony because of her husband.

The woman who  had been caught  by a sign falls  once more, and  Lucy grabs her  and pulls her through a window.

Later in the episode, when the 118 arrives at the hospital, Lucy is greeted by none other than the woman, who is a doctor.

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After his keys fall into a charity donation box outside a bowling alley, a man becomes trapped inside for hours.

Nobody notices until the 118 responds to a call at the bowling alley and Hen hears a tapping from inside the box. 

the guy was  fine but:

He suffered from heatstroke and his car got towed away hours ago.

A woman riding her bicycle with a "Share the road" sign on the back gets hit by a stop sign.

Two kids steal  a stop sign, and  one of them runs  into the road and  is hit by a car  while fleeing  police.



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