Is Amber Heard Cheated Johnny Depp with James Franco and Elon Musk?

Johnny depp and Amber Heard domestic violence case seems forever to go.

recently, a big evidence is captured by legal team of johnny depp against amber heard.

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the evidence include the presence of james franco and elon musk after the big fight of johnny and amber.

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there are also rumors about the allegation of cheating johnny depp on amber heard.

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on 22 may 2016, when johnny and amber had a big fight where amber accused johnny for physical abuse...

she was then seen in the lift with james franco in cctv and in the same month james also seen elon.

though there is no cctv footage of meetings but security guards confirmed the various visits of elon before she filed divorce.

now johnny's legal team is trying to use james franco as a witness.

Elon and james both are expected to testify in court.



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