Amber Heard Consider James Franco As Her Friend: But What Is The Truth?

Amber Heard was asked about the elevator footage that showed James Franco visiting her at her penthouse on May 22, 2016.

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It was the night before her divorce from Johnny Depp was filed.

While the defamation trial is still ongoing, Heard maintained that Franco was her neighbor and a close friend.

After seeing the elevator footage, Heard confirmed that it featured Franco and added that she wasn't sure..

what Depp's schedule was at the time because he wasn't at the penthouse.

About Franco, Heard said, "He was my friend. And he lived next door, quite literally next door. And..

"I, frankly, had exhausted my support network with my usual friends."

In the footage, it can be seen that Franco appeared to rest his head on Heard's shoulder, and she appeared to lay her head on his head.



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