Amber Heard Cross The Line After Claiming Johnny Depp Was Trying To Kill her 

Depp's attorneys concluded their two-day cross-examination of Amber Heard on Tuesday

During which Heard claimed Depp tried to kill her and denied ever abusing any of her romantic partners.

On Tuesday, Depp's lawyer suggested Heard was lying about her ex-husband's abuse and asked if Heard was ever afraid of Depp,,

 to which she replied, "This is a man who tried to kill me... Of course."

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Heard said she “never assaulted anyone I’ve been romantically involved with” and “didn’t assault Johnny ever.” 

Depp's attorney displayed "love notes," Heard wrote about Depp in her journal and read one instance where..

Heard apologized for "hurting" Depp.

Depp's lawyer also questioned the photographs in which Heard appeared injured and claimed they were edited.



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