"Amber Heard is Jealous And Crazy": Witness Testified 

Morgan Higby Night, an American writer and director, testified in Fairfax, Virginia, on Tuesday.

He was found to be behind an April 2021 tweet in response to @ThatUmbrella tweet that read:

 "Johnny Depp will be accused of being jealous because a woman was 'sitting close' to Amber Heard."

In response, Night said, "That never happened. I was with them all night. Amber was the one acting all jealous and crazy."

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"You are a pretty big fan of Johnny Depp, aren't you?" Elaine Bredehoft, Heard's lawyer, asked Night.

Many in the courtroom laughed when Night responded,  "I am not."

Previously, Heard claimed that Depp grabbed her Friend by the wrist because he was jealous.

In the court, Night said that he "never saw Depp get physical with anyone."



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