Amber Heard Was Cheating Johnny Depp With James Franco: Confirmed

Heard stated on Monday that she was "falling apart" and having difficulty sleeping due to..

panic attacks caused by Depp's entry into the residence where she was staying.

Depp's lawyer then asked why she "felt comfortable having James Franco over the evening of May 22, 2016, Ms. Heard?"

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Heard answered,  "I do not know when James came over."

The attorney replied, "Okay, let's remind you." She then showed Heard and Franco's elevator surveillance footage.

In the footage, he rests his head on Heard's shoulder, as she appears to place her head  on his.

Heard confirmed that the man in the video was Franco and that they were going to her penthouse.

When asked if she knew her husband would be out of town, she said she was unsure what she knew about Depp's schedule.



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