Avril Lavigne wants Kristen Stewart to play her in a Movie

Avril Lavigne is 37 year old canadian Singer and songwriter. and kristen stewart is a 31 year old american actress and filmmaker.

recently, kristen stewart was nominated for an oscar and avril lavigne can't get her eyes off her.

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avril recently told that her biopic would best be portrayed by kristen stewart.

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the name of the biopic is known to be 'she's dope'. though there is not yet any work started on it.

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Avril said that kristen would be cool to play her in the film and said, "yeah, she's dope."

she expressed her wish at i heard radio music awards 2022, red carpet.

joan jett also considers kristen as an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth. he also considers her very serious.

jett also believe that she can listen to the accent and watch body language and quickly adopts it.



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