Bella Hadid's Affectionate Dating With Cowboy Adan Banuelos Makes The Headlines

Bella Hadid, the 27-year-old supermodel, is in the spotlight for her passionate romance with cowboy Adan Banuelos. 

They were captured sharing a fiery kiss in Fort Worth, Texas, sparking widespread interest in their newfound relationship. 

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The couple was spotted shopping in Fort Worth's famous stockyards, indulging in public displays of affection. 

Bella, who discreetly parted ways with Marc Kalman, was seen holding hands with her new partner. 

Their undeniable chemistry was evident as they leaned on each other, shared laughter, and exchanged loving glances.

Bella's casual outfit included a loose brown leather jacket, light-colored blouse, dark jeans, and leather boots. 

Adan sported a salmon-colored plaid shirt, light blue jeans, brown boots, and a gray-and-white trucker hat.

Witnesses noted the couple's happiness while exploring local shops during their public display of affection. 

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Adan Banuelos is a rodeo star known for his expertise in "cutting" equestrian competitions and other rodeo events. 

Bella's deep connection with horses dates back to her childhood, and her return to equestrian activities is a significant personal milestone. 



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