best  bojack horseman quotes

You Turn Yourself Around. That’s What It’s All About.

He’s So Stupid, He Doesn’t Realize How Miserable He Should Be. I Envy That.

There Is No Other Side.

It Gets Easier. Every Day, It Gets A Little Easier. But You Gotta Do It Every Day – That’s The Hard Part. But It Does Get Easier.

I Feel Like My Life Is Just A Series Of Unrelated Wacky Adventures.

When You Look At Someone Through Rose-Colored Glasses, All The Red Flags Just Look Like Flags.

I Need To Go Take A Shower So I Can’t Tell If I’m Crying Or Not.

I’m Responsible For My Own Happiness? I Can’t Even Be Responsible For My Own Breakfast!

No One Watches The Show To Feel Feelings. Life Is Depressing Enough Already.

That Voice, The One That Tells You You're Worthless And Stupid And Ugly... It Goes Away, Right?