Cassie Randolph Talked about her reaction when she found out her Ex is Gay

Cassie Randolph and colton underwood were in a relationship for 2 years.

after their emotionally stressed break up she found out that he was a gay.

cassie was emotionally attached to him, for her it was all real.

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she also filed report against him as he was constantly stalking and harassing her after their break up.

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a source said that for him, accepting his sexuality was harder and more confusing as he loved her.

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cassie didn't yet processed the announcement of underwood coming out as gay.

he also apologized to her stating, "i'd like to say sorry for how things ended, i messed up. i made a lot of bad choices."

she broke her silence through instagram post, thanking everyone for kind messages and  she also declared that she don't want to discuss the matter yet.



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