comedian earthquake reacted on dave chapella case

Earthquake, a comedian, has weighed in, on what happened

during Dave Chappelle's show at the Netflix Is a Joke Festival on Tuesday night.

Earthquake,  also appeared at Tuesday's concert, where Chappelle was assaulted by a man who stormed the stage.

A man in a black hoodie stormed the stage near the end of Chapelle's performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles,

 police have identified the suspected attacker as 23-year-old 

Isaiah Lee and charged him with felony assault with a deadly weapon.

On Wednesday, Deal or No Deal host and fellow comic Howie Mandel spoke with Extra's Billy Bush about the attack.

When Bush approached Mandel, who presently hosts Bullsh*t: The Game Show on Netflix,

about future comedy tours, he said, "The love of what we do is vanishing... joking now has no safety net."



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