Consequences Amber Heard  is Going to Face After  the Trial

The defamation case of johnny depp and amber heard came to an end after six weeks of trials.

the trial revealed many truths and  true faces, revealing inside information  of their relationship.

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the verdict said that all  the three statements of johnny depp hold more weightage and...

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amber heard's one out  of three statement hold weightage which awarded her $2 million and johnny $15 million.

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though they both are liable for defamation but due to more compensation awarded to johnny depp, he legally won  the case.

talking about the consequences of the trial, amber heard's career will see the downfall as...

it was seen in johnny depp's career after the washington post by amber heard about domestic abuse.

amber heard is even in a verge of getting replaced in aquaman 2.

recently, the rumors about her scenes being cut from the movie was also spread.



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