DaBaby Homophobic Controversy Explained

jonathan lyndale kirk is an 30 year old american rapper, popularly known as DaBaby.

in the rolling loud, megan performed first, then DaBaby's performance came and what he did was mouth shutting.

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long before the performance, tory lanez shot megan on both the legs in a music video.

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megan went through the surgery and still calls it 'work experience' and with that incident, audience can't tolerate tory lanez on stage.

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and in rolling loud, dababy came on the stage with tory lanez which instantly resulted in negative hooting from audience.

dababy then made an unacceptable comment on hiv, aids diseases and gay people.

he also commented on ladies which resulted in hatred for him by his fans.

after the show, tory lanez uploaded a video of about 5 minutes, defending his friend, dababy.

due to this homophobic comments, many contracts are lifted from the hands of dababy.



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