Deebo Samuel Talked About John lynch

Odell Beckham Jr., it turns out, was treating the last day of April like it was the first day of April, 

tweeting as a joke that 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel had been traded to the Patriots. 

(GM of the 49ers) On Saturday, reporters questioned John Lynch if there had been any more 

phone calls concerning Samuel from other teams and if anything had changed. 

"There wasn't," Lynch stated emphatically. "Nothing has changed.

" On Friday night, the 49ers stated unequivocally that they hope nothing changes.

While the precise nature of the dispute between player and team remains unknown, 

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan appeared to state on Friday night

that a contractual disagreement is at the heart of the dilemma.

Other teams can still try to get Samuel through trade.



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