Did Jeff Bezos Questioned On Elon Musk Buying Twitter?

Just before Twitter announced that it had accepted Elon Musk's $44 billion buyout offer,

the world's richest man tweeted, " 

"I hope that even my harshest opponents continue to follow me on Twitter,

 because that is what free expression entails.

Jeff Bezos highlighted a tweet from a New York Times reporter pointing out that Tesla's commercial interests 

in China could give the government control over Twitter through its new owner, writing, " "interesting query.

Unlike most, he owns the Washington Post and has a net worth 

($177.5 billion) that is about comparable to Elon's ($264.6 billion).

According to reports, Elon's purchase should go through without any regulatory snafu,

but bringing up the possibility of undue influence from a foreign government is one way to clog the works...

If you had a few billion dollars and a lot of free time.



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