BY divyansh

Did My Hero Academia Manga Teased Timeskip Design?

Since the start of the last conflict between the heroes and villains, My Hero Academia viewers have been requesting a..

from the hero series.

time skip

Now, the series' creator  is teasing fans by giving them a sneak glimpse at what Class 1-A's adult designs would look like in..

the upcoming chapter of the series.

Endeavor imagines what follows after the fight, and viewers see the back of an adult Shoto coming towards the others.

It's difficult to judge each of their designs, but it's evident that each of them appears slightly taller than they are at present.

However, at the moment, it's kind of weird to think that a time jump in the future would result in..

basically just taller copies of each character, but then again, it might not even be that distant in the future.