Did Pique Really Cheat with Pablo Gavi's Mother??

the 35 year old gerard pique, professional football player is in rumors for...

having an affair with barcelona teammate pablo gavi's mother.

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several reports were circulated on twitter on thursday, emphasizing their relationship.

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but all the rumors were crushed by  a report published by el periodico.

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the report corrected the rumors and confirmed that the woman...

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who was with gerard pique is in her 20s and is blonde.

that specific piece of information ruled out the possibility that she could be pablo gavi's mother.

and reports also claimed  that young blonde is the reason of pique and shakira's breakup.

reports also claimed that pique and shakira  are living separately  from few  weeks...

which further hinted their fans of their separation.

they started living separately when shakira found out that...

pique is cheating on her with another woman and that woman could be the young blonde in her 20s.



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