BY divyansh

Did Vegeta master ultra ego form?

The crucial rematch against Gas has begun in Dragon Ball Super, and the most recent installment of..

the series has demonstrated just how much Vegeta's Ultra Ego's power is still growing.

As Goku and Vegeta continue their battle against Gas, the Granolah the Survivor arc is still progressing toward its climactic battle. 

Now that the two Saiyans have attained their full potential, they have a stronger opportunity than ever to defeat the all-powerful Heeter.

Vegeta's Ultra Ego was earlier shown to become stronger the more damage he absorbs, but...

Saiyan Prince wasn't able to employ this new form of his until the fight with Granolah.

The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super reveals that Vegeta's Ultra Ego form is actually evolving due to both the damage he's been experiencing and..

the way his body is becoming accustomed to it. This is because Vegeta is now back to his maximum strength with Ultra Ego.