Donald Cerrone Announced His  UFC Retirement

Donald Cerrone is an American mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer

Donald Cerrone recently  Announced His UFC Retirement

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After 11 years in the UFC, Following his second-round submission loss to Jim Miller and also his sixth defeat in a row...

Donald placed his gloves and trademark cowboy hat in the center of the cage and announced his retirement

Cerrone said Joe Rogan in his in-cage interview, “Thank you, Las Vegas” “I’m glad my boys got to be here"

"It’s hard for me to get up, and this is the longest camp I’ve had in a long time. I’m not complaining to anybody, but I don’t love it anymore"

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he said he is going to be a movie star. It’s time to bow out. he's got to know when. This was the perfect event and added...

"I’ve got my boys. It was one hell of a career, man. Hopefully one day, I’m in the (UFC) Hall of Fame. Thank you so much, UFC.”



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