BY Divyansh

Doron Dororon: chapter 27: all samurai's names and faces reveal

Ujii and Naotora, two Samurai Officers, have already been presented by Doron Dororon, but the remaining members are...

Chapter 27.

ultimately revealed in 

The realm of Doron Dororon is guarded against the evil Mononoke by trained wielders of mystical energy known as Samurai.

The most powerful of them are known as Samurai Officers, and they work under the control of the Izanagi Corps.

Ujji revealed the identity of an old Gardner Dora and Kusanagi encountered. He came out as...

the old commander of the Izanagi Corps, Goki Tsukahara, dressed as a Samurai in black

Aside from Naotora, the only other female Samurai Officer was Rui Hosokawa. Hajime Narita, a Samurai Officer with spectacles, stood behind her.

Yujin Yagyu, who was discovered dozing during the conference, was also present, as were the buff Namishiro Kitabatake and the fierce pipsqueak Sakonta Ashikaga.