Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is Seeking Enhancements for His Wax Figure

Dwayne Johnson addresses concerns about his wax figure's inaccuracies and commits to making improvements. 

The Musée Grévin, known for lifelike wax sculptures, faced criticism over Johnson's statue in Paris 

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Critics accused the museum of "whitewashing" Johnson's wax figure, highlighting a lack of melanin accuracy.

Dwayne Johnson's diverse heritage includes Black Nova Scotian and Samoan ancestry. 

The actor responded to the public outcry on social media and shared a comedian's video. 

Johnson humorously quoted the comedian's remark about the Little Mermaid, adding a laughing emoji. 

He pledged to collaborate with the Grevin Museum in Paris to enhance his wax figure. 

Improvements will begin with a focus on the wax figure's skin color. 

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Sculptor Stéphane Barret relied on photos and videos to create the figure due to Johnson's absence. 

Johnson received the Grévin Awards, which initiated the creation of his wax statue based on available references.



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