Ed Sheeran Won the Copyright Case for 'Shape of You'

Ed Sheeran was accused of plagiarism for his song, 'shape of you' in 2017.

undoubtedly he won the case in the uk court on 6 april 2022.

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the song was on hot 100 billboard for 12 weeks which was accused for copying it from 'oh why' by sami chokri.

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the judge, antony zacaroli stated that there was no such thing observed.

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he said that though there are similarities but there  are also significant differences.

he further emphasized that the 'oh why' song has brooding and questioning mood while sheeran's song act as something catchy to fill the bar.

Ed Sheeran shared this news through a video on instagram, declaring it 'baseless claims'.

-Ed Sheeran

"lawsuits are not a pleasant experience and i hope that this ruling means in the future baseless claims like this can be avoided."



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