Elon Musk to Buy Coca Cola in his Next Deal!?

on 25 april, Elon Musk became the owner of twitter in  $44 billion.

he closed the deal in a month after buzzing around with price and new rules of the site.

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after buying the micro blogging site twitter, he explained what free speech meant to him.

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he said,  "i am against censorship that goes far beyond the law."

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now, after his acquisition of twitter, his eyes is set  upon the big beverage company coca cola.

he recently tweeted about his desire to buy coca cola and put the cocaine back in it.

a twitter user then replied to his tweet by sharing a picture of 1894 bottle of coca cola...

which contained cocaine of about 3.5 grams and elon musk responded, "kicks red  bull's ass!"

though he said  it in a tweet but everything is possible for elon if his eyes are set on the goal.



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