Elon Musk's Role in Defamation Case: Explained

many interesting and iconic stories were spilled in the defamation case of johnny depp and amber heard.

and one of them was, the involvement of elon musk with amber heard.

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Elon Musk even testified in the court because of his relationship with amber heard.

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amber and elon started dating after johnny and she split up. they dated for about a year.

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they broke up and again Patched up but for some time, but this piece of information was manipulated and used in the court against amber.

johnny's attorney presented the information as amber having an extra marital affair with elon musk.

they even said that amber, elon and a model cara shared intimate moments when johnny went to australia.

due to that reason, elon was testified and confirmed that he and cara are friends and they didn't share any intimate moments.



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