Emily Blunt's Apology: Regret and Reflection on Past Insensitive Remarks in 2012 Interview 

British actress Emily Blunt issues a public apology for insensitive remarks made in a 2012 interview. 

The interview occurred on the UK's "Jonathan Ross Show," where she referred to a Chili's server as "enormous." 

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Blunt acknowledges her shock upon watching the 12-year-old clip and is appalled by her insensitivity. 

She expresses bewilderment about her own actions, as they contradict her values of not causing harm. 

Despite this, Blunt takes full responsibility for her hurtful comments and offers a heartfelt apology.

The interview, during her promotion of "Looper" with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, resurfaced. 

Blunt recalls her experience filming in Thibodaux, Louisiana, where she visited a Chili's restaurant. 

Host Jonathan Ross humorously mentions American portion sizes, leading to Blunt's unfortunate response. 

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She remarked that the server was "enormous" and suggested she received free meals at Chili's. 

Emily Blunt, married to John Krasinski, recently announced her decision to step away from the spotlight.



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