Erika Girardi  is Facing $50 Million Lawsuit

Erika Girardi is a 50 year old american singer, television personality and former actress.

Erika Girardi is seem to be in trouble again along with her company, ej global llc, the girardi & keese law firm and its lenders.

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edelson pc filled the lawsuit against Erika Girardi of $50 million.

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the law firm accused her of acting as a frontwoman of the operation.

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they also claimed that she displayed a showroom of money which she stole  on real housewives.

she is also being accused for transferring money in million to erika's llc.

she is accused of racketeering, aiding and abetting concealment f stolen property, unlawful business practices  and so on.

the law  firm want compensation of not less than $55 million for damages.



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