Fans Are Slamming "Our FATHER" Netflix Documentary

Our Father revolves around Donald Cline, a disgraced fertility doctor from Indiana who secretly.. 

 inseminated several patients with his sperm, fathering over 90 children.

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Let's take a look at how fans reacted to the Netflix documentary.

Lucie Jourdan's chilling documentary shocked viewers. Many people were outraged by the doctor's violation of the patients' consent.

A viewer commented: "Watched Our Father, and I am so disgusted! It breaks my heart to see how these poor women were violated." 

"The whole thing is seriously disturbing but particularly the scene that’s 57 minutes into the doc about the QUIVERFUL movement…" -via Twitter.

I am so sickened that this is an actual problem. 45 KNOWN infertility specialists have used their sperm to impregnate women without consent. -via Twitter.

"The Netflix film Our Father speaks volumes about how the system doesn’t care  about women."  -steff.



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