Fans Are Slamming She Hulk For Terrible CGI

Fans are slamming She-Hulk Trailer for Its Terrible CGI...

Disney+ Series "She-Hulk" just dropped its first trailer

Marvel wouldn't expected the fans reactions to the trailer

Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk, fans are really not up to the mark in terms of CGI

Fans are really upset and taken to Twitter to voice their opinions

a fan compared She-Hulk on twitter to the CGI of the 2001 movie The Mummy Returns

other comment "she hulk cgi the biggest butt in the mcu. almost thought it was a shrek 5 trailer

another commented "sorry but she hulk cgi looks a lot like a sims character

and also There are people who are defending the trailer

fans are divided over this but the number of people...

calling it out is far more than the ones supporting it



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