For Countersuit Johnny Depp ordered to pay $2 million

The famous defamation case of johnny depp and amber heard came to an end on 31st may 2022 after six weeks of trial.

Though the  case was won by johnny depp, awarded $15 million including punitive damages of  $5 million.

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amber heard also awarded $2 million by the jury's decision.

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johnny depp awarded the money because of his ex-wife's allegation of domestic abuse that defamed him and...

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amber heard awarded the money for the defamation caused to her due to johnny depp.

johnny depp's lawyer put the allegation on amber heard which landed her $2 million.

the allegation was that she created hoax by damaging the couple's apartment  to show that to police and look worse.

his lawyer said,"she spilled a little wine and roughed the place up, got their stories straight and called police."



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