For What Trevor Reed Got In Jail For?

Trevor Reed is a 30 year old former us marine. he was a marine presidential GUARD in obama's rule.

in 2016, he was discharged from marine and enrolled in a university to take russian language classes.

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one day, he was visiting his girlfriend and got arrested for leaving the car on a busy street while intoxicated.

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the other allegations said that trevor grabbed the arm of policeman, which caused vehicle of police to swerve  to another lane.

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and for this, he was sentenced to jail for 9 years whereas his parents continue to fight for him.

trevor's father said that he never stopped the car as it was seen in the video which was thoroughly analyzed.

after 3 years in jail, he is finally going to release because of a deal.

the us and russia carrying out a deal of prisoner exchange which will lead trevor to home.



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